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Sea Burial is making buzz now-a-days in Singapore. It is the process of disposal of human remains in the ocean, generally from a boat.

Scattering ashes at Sea is quite popular all over the world. It has been started in the USA or UK few decades ago. Although, the concept is fairly new in Singapore, yet it is gaining mass attention very fast. Because, Sea Burial are simple, and affordable.

Burial at Sea in Singapore as per Google Trends interests over time,


Sea Burial in Singapore is governed by the National Environment Agency and Maritime Port Authority.

Thus, Sea Burial is one of the processes to bid a last good-bye to your deceased loved one.

As per The Strait Times, There is a sudden increase of the number of people opting for sea burial around 20% (Source: an article named New sea burial facility to be built in Tanah Merah by Jasia Shmadasani  Apr 5, 2018, 10:53 pm SGT).

The concept of Sea Burial comes from the traditional Viking/ Norse Funeral. They are the born navigators of the ocean and live marine oriented life as per ancient stories. And, as a result, they used to cremate the body on a ship/boat or release the body in the sea when someone died.

However, Sea Burial in Singapore is much more different from the Viking funeral. Sea Burial Singapore only means release the cremated remains into the seas like ashes or bones directly or in a bio-degradable urn. Thus, releasing the dead body in the sea like Norse Funeral never happens here. Because, it may float back to the sea-shore, create pollution thus adversely affect the marine Eco-system, create some disturbing situation.

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Scattering Ashes at Sea in Singapore

Sea Burial Singapore consists of releasing the remains of a deceased person from a seagoing vessel, ship or boat. By the phrase, cremated remains we means bones and ashes that remains after the cremation. Therefore, the remains are gently scattered into the ocean from a ship/boat. Sometimes, the remains are placed inside a biodegradable urn and the urn in turn released into the sea. This kind of burial is preferred by the sea-lover or by person who lives the life of sailor. Someone may choose burial at sea as the last wish to go back in the lap of mother nature. The same concept is described in the Green Funeral article.

Sea Burial is a technique of ash management. Several others ash management procedure widely available in Singapore. For example, Inland Ash Management, Placing the urn inside a niche of Columbarium, or simply keep the urn with family. Inland ash scattering is done at the Garden of Peace on the other hand Sea Burial Singapore is taken place in the ocean.

Ceremonies During Sea Burials

Many families choose to hold a farewell ceremony for their deceased loved one on the sea shore or on the boat. This could include farewell speeches, music, hymns, and sharing memories or events of their loved one. The remains of the deceased are subsequently released later in the ceremony. The scattering of the ashes may involve one or more close relatives (e.g. parents, brothers/sisters/cousins, children, etc) or friends in the group.

Christian ceremonies may involve a minister. He would lead the ceremony with prayers. , scripture readings from the Bible. It is also common to perform symbolic acts during such ceremonies, such as throwing flower petals into the water during service or releasing doves while the ashes are scattered. Buddhist and Taoist Sea Burial Singapore usually involve the monk or priest respectively to conduct the rites while the ashes are scattered overboard. The families of the deceased will be on the side as long as he/she is dispersed.

However, Sea Burial Singapore is mainly accepted most by the Hindus of Singapore. Singapore is a place where people from different religions live peacefully. As per Hindu religious rites, the cremated remains always to be released into a water-body or The Ganges which flows through India. But, what about, Hindus of Singapore? There are 172963 Hindu people constituting the 5% of Singapore’s population in Singapore. And Sea Burial is absolutely necessary to them. As per Mr Swami Vimokshananda, 69, president of Ramakrishna Mission Singapore (Source: The Strait Times),

If a place can be dedicated for sea burial, many Hindus will be able to conduct burial ceremonies for their loved ones and I think many Hindus will appreciate it a lot.
Swami Vimokshananda, 69, president of Ramakrishna Mission Singapore

The first sea burial facility in Singapore is opened at Changi. The Maritime Port Authority (MPA) has designated a site approximately 1.5 nautical miles (2.8 km) south of Pulau Semakau where cremated ashes can be scattered. This happens only after the approval of the same has been duly obtained from the NEA, Singapore. This can be conducted daily, from 0900 hours -1700 hours.

The Changi Beach site has readily available amenities such as parking, restrooms and is within walking distance of public bus services.

About Sea Burial Services Singapore 2022

Sea Burial Services Singapore as provided by the efficient team of Funeral Services Singapore is simple, dignified, and affordable. Our sea burial packages Singapore is the best sea burial option indeed. Our Sea burial services Singapore include manpower, labor, bum boat/yacht rental, fresh funeral flowers. But, this does not contain the price of a small ceremony, foods etc.

Sea Burial Packages Singapore (*Updated 2022) – Via Bum-boat The cost of Sea burial services package Singapore is S$380. No hidden cost.
Sea Burial Packages Singapore (*Updated 2022) – Via Yacht The cost of Sea burial services package Singapore is S$2,000.00. No hidden cost.

* The total time needs in this process needs 1 – 1.5 Hours. 

FAQ Sea Burial in Singapore

How much does burial at sea cost in Singapore?

The burial at sea cost starts from S$400.00 with Funeral Services Singapore. However, the price not exceed S$1000.00.

Is Sea burial legal in Singapore?

Yes, the sea burial is completely legal in Singapore. It is approved by the NEA, Singapore.

Where is sea burial Singapore taken place?

The Maritime Port Authority (MPA) has designated a site approximately 1.5 nautical miles (2.8 km) south of Pulau Semakau where cremated ashes can be scattered.

Is it legal to throw ashes in the ocean?

Yes, it is absolutely legal to throw ashes in the Ocean. Even, it does have any negative impacts on marine Eco-system.

How much does a sea burial cost in Singapore?

The burial at sea cost starts from S$400.00 with Funeral Services Singapore. However, the price not exceed S$1000.00.

How do I arrange burial at sea in Singapore?

You don’t need to get worried about Sea burial Singapore. Just call Funeral Services Singapore at +6596123883 and we will arrange the rest.

Is Sea Burial Singapore something like a Viking Funeral?

No, It is not something like a Viking Funeral/Norse. We have already discussed the same in the beginning.

Why do people bury body at the sea?

People who enjoys a sailor like life-style, or want to go back to the lap of mother earth prefers Sea burial. However, for as per the Hindus religious ritual sea burial is a must.

Can I bury a body at the Sea in Singapore?

No, you cannot bury a body at the sea in Singapore. You can only scatter the ashes of the deceased.

Is Sea burial Environment friendly/Eco-friendly?

Yep, sea burial Singapore is absolutely Environment friendly /Eco-friendly.

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