Funeral Services Singapore started its journey in the year of 2006. Since, its inception, we strive to provide better Funeral Services to our clients. Thus, we have grown to be a leading Funeral Services and Repatriation Services Provider in Singapore. We have served more than 9,000 bereaved families in Singapore till date. As a One-Stop Funeral Services Provider we have committed to the ultimate satisfaction of our clients. Therefore, we are the best at arranging a dignified funeral for your loved ones.

Arranging a funeral when your loved one passes by may be confusing and tough due to intense emotional swing. As a result, Funeral Services Singapore is there as a faithful friend to hold your hand firmly in this tough time. With over 15 years of experience, procedural know-how, and skills we help you to pass through your difficult time with compassion and sensitivity. Thus, we ensure the whole funeral process to be smooth and well-organized. So that, you have enough time for grieving and spend time with your family. We take care of every small aspect with due care and diligence.

Funeral Services Singapore believes Funeral is celebration of life. Every funeral should be unique and express the story of the life of the deceased. Thus, we build a unique core values, vision, and mission for our company. We have told earlier customer-centrality is our secret of success. As per the need of every family, we also customize our Funeral Packages. We understand taste of every family is unique. In addition to funeral services, we are also excellent at providing Repatriation Services. Buddhist Funeral is also our specialization.

We believe premium services not come with a high price tag. That is why, our business tag line “Premium yet affordable funeral services since 2006”. We provide posh and dignified Funeral Services at economic rate. In addition to that, our pricing system is practical and transparent. Therefore, for several Funeral Packages, our prices are always at par market rate and always lower than our competitors. However, lower prices never mean any compromise in quality. Finally, transparent pricing means what we show-case in our website you will get exact the same and no hidden charges are there.

To promote our brand, we also Free Funeral Services/ Pro-bono funeral services to the Singaporeans. And as a part of our Corporate Social Responsibilities, we also arrange free coffin donation programs in association with some non-profit making agencies in Singapore. Not only these, but we also have a package known as the Direct Cremation package for the lower income strata of Singapore. Thus, to make money is not our only aim. Our aim is to arrange a prestigious after-life ceremony for the deceased. We also provide Grief counselling services to the bereaved families. Thus, Funeral Services Singapore is a one-stop solution for your funeral needs.

Our Vision

We are committed to providing only high-quality service, we are constantly pushing to improve ourselves so that we can serve you better. We also take pride in practising fairness, honesty, and transparency in all that we do.

Our Mission

Our dedicated team is committed to providing bereaved families with high-quality funeral services solutions. We strive to give families an avenue to bid goodbye to their dearly departed in the most dignified and respectable manner.



The Repatriation Funeral Services provide by Funeral Services Singapore was the best and smooth. They managed all aspects and documentation of repatriation sincerely and carefully. They are the best repatriation provider.


The Funeral Directors arranged the Funeral Repatriation of my father in a hassle free manner. They managed us a Private Jet G200 & even a personal butler. Overall, everything is completed very smoothly.


I was initially puzzled. But, when they took over the responsibility it was problem free. Yes, they arranged a dignified Buddhist Funeral. I am astonished the Buddhist Package was so much affordable.


You were professional, well-dressed and well-mannered. Your continuous patience and professionalism have deeply touched our hearts. You people was much conscious about Chinese Taoist funeral customs.


I was amazed to see the knowledge you people have on Catholic Funeral Traditions. I am thankful how you helped my family to overcome grief. I will recommend your services to my friends also. Best Roman catholic services.


We come from an average income family. But, still, Funeral Services Singapore arrange a dignified yet simple Buddhist Funeral. Thanks a lot. Finally, I want to thanks the funeral director Casper and his agile and vibrant funeral team.


We are coming from the Soka-Gakkai. We do not have any idea whom to contact. We search on Google and found your website. And, everything is taken care by you without any complain. Best Soka Funeral Services in SG.


The Funeral Director stand with us right from the very beginning of everything. They arranged CCOD and make the funeral wake unforgettable. They were professional & transparent service. Top Funeral Services in SG.


Well done Casper and the team. Thanks a bunch. Your professionalism & patience helped me to arrange the wake for my father very quickly, & without any problem. No doubt, you people are the best in Singapore.

Why Choose Funeral Services Singapore?

Experience and Caring Team, Funeral Services Singapore is available 24/7 to support the bereaved families with their funeral arrangements

Affordable and Transparent in Pricing, Funeral Service Singapore has in-house team that handle everything. Thus, the price is affordable, and you only pay what you need. There is no hidden cost to worry.

Professional and Reputable Services, Funeral Services Singapore will take care of everything related to the funeral, down to details as small as the decorations used.