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Direct Funeral Services is an uncomplicated and the most economical funeral service. The Direct Funeral Service take place without any funeral wake service. This kind of Funeral includes the essential items that are needed during the cremation/burial. Thus, it makes the funeral cost affordable. In respect of present socio-economical condition and especially after the Covid Situation, Direct Funeral Services are becoming more popular.

Direct Funeral Services

Funeral Service Singapore offers $1,280 for Direct Funeral Services. It includes the following:

Direct Funeral Services

  • Transportation of the body to Mandai Cremation
  • Book Cremation Slot & Arrangement
  • Mandai Cremation Fee
  • Basic Casket
  • Ash Collection Service
  • Glass Hearse

Other Additional Items for Direct Funeral Services

(Not Inclusive in the Package)

  • Photography & Videography Services
  • Praying/Chanting Sessions depending on religion
  • Photo Enlargement 10” By 12”

To arrange for Direct Funeral Services, there are a few things that you would need to prepare.

  • Prepare a complete set of clothing for the deceased to wear that include undergarments, shoes, and any other accessories.
  • Choice of Items to be put into the Casket

You May Wish to Speak to Our Funeral Director on The Additional Items for Direct Funeral Services Mentioned Above. Our Funeral Director will advise you accordingly based on your needs and requirement.

You Can Give Us A Call +65 9871 8388 to Find Out More. We Are Available 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week to Take Your Call.

Why Choose Funeral Services Singapore?

Experience and Caring Team, Funeral Services Singapore is available 24/7 to support the bereaved families with their funeral arrangements.

Affordable and Transparent in Pricing, Funeral Service Singapore has in-house team that handle everything. Thus, the price is affordable, and you only pay what you need. There is no hidden cost to worry.

Professional and Reputable Services, Funeral Services Singapore will take care of everything related to the funeral, down to details as small as the decorations used.

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