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Everywhere there are many values of Buddhism, each of which adheres to a different set of rites and customs. However, at the core of their faith is the belief in the cycle of life reincarnation, good deeds and enlightenment. The rituals that take place around death and funerals are to help the deceased in their future life.

Funeral Services Singapore has 15 years of vast experience in handling Buddhist Funeral Services. We are experienced in organising a dignified tribute for bereaved families. Funeral Services Singapore ensure you pay an affordable price and get premium settings. Many other funeral service providers will upsell their funeral packages. With Funeral Services Singapore, we are transparent in our pricing. We have everything in-house, hence our price is competitive.

Buddhist Funeral Packages

(Updated 2021)

No. of Days Descriptions Funeral Packages
3 Days Standard Buddhist Package S$ 4,600 nett
5 Days Standard Buddhist Package S$ 5,600 nett

Buddhist Funeral Etiquettes

Buddhist Funeral rituals may vary between traditions. Some Buddhist Funerals are very ritualistic and traditional, while many others are quite simple, solemn, and dignified. Peace and serenity are the pillars of a Buddhist Funeral in Singapore. In view of these rituals, Funeral Services Singapore has a team of experienced Buddhist Funeral Director to handle the ritual.


Unique to the Buddhist religion, samsara is a concept that serves as the fundamental in all Buddhist teachings. Samsara is a never-ending cycle of death and rebirth, and it will only end once one achieves enough good karma and eventual enlightenment to reach nirvana. Death marks the beginning of a samsara cycle, and the quality of life thereafter is predetermined by the quantity and quality of karma that has been accumulated within one’s lifetime.

Following Buddhist beliefs, the funeral ritual starts with the bathing of the body, and later clothed to prepare for the funeral. The funeral itself is meant to be simple yet dignified, as an expression of bereavement.

During the funeral procession, Buddhist monks will chant sutras to lesson one’s bad karma and aid the deceased in the transitioning into their next life. Such a display goes beyond mere traditions; it’s a final meaningful act of love, an act to achieve peaceful closure for bereaved families and aid the dearly departed in their journey into the afterlife. It also serves as a good reminder of the transient nature of life.

Why Choose Funeral Services Singapore?

Experience and Caring Team, Funeral Services Singapore is available 24/7 to support the bereaved families with their funeral arrangements.

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