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Ash Management Services

What will you do with the cremated remains of your deceased loved one?

That’s why, today our ultimate guide on ash management services or inland ash scattering Singapore.

Cremation is allowed in most of the religions like the Hindus, the Buddhists, and the Christians. What will be your choice of disposal of ashes after the cremation?

Here, our Ash management services play the major role. However, you can dispose of the ashes or remains of your loved one in several ways. Like,

  • Place it inside an urn and placed the urn inside a Niche of a Columbarium.
  • You can decide to place the urn at your home with you.
  • You may opt for Inland Ash Scattering Singapore in the ‘Garden of Peace’.
  • The cremated remains and the urns may be released on the ocean through a sea burial.

However, we have already discussed about sea burial services or scattering ashes in the sea.

Today, we will discuss the remaining procedures of ash management or ash disposal.

Thus, we will mainly concentrate on our Ash Management Services Singapore and the recent Inland Ash Scattering facility that has been started. And, we will talk about columbariums, niches and urns.

Before, we deep dive into the matters here are some massive funeral services that we offer,

  1. Buddhist Funeral Services,
  2. Taoist Funeral Services,
  3. Christian Funeral Services,
  4. Casket Services,
  5. Soka Funeral Services,
  6. Catholic Funeral Services,
  7. Direct Funeral Services,
  8. International Repatriation Services.

What You Can Do With the Cremated Remains?

Inland Ash Scattering Singapore

Ash Management Services Singapore

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