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Funeral Service Singapore specializes in Buddhist Funeral, providing the best service quality standards. Our 3-days Buddhist Funeral Package & Services start from $5,500

Our Affordable Buddhist Funeral Package & Services comprise of Essential Items That Are Required to Hold a Chinese Buddhist Funeral Service in Singapore.

In addition, we believe in providing fair and transparent pricing to all our Buddhist Funeral Package & Services clients – Ensuring a dignified send-off to your loved one, giving top quality send-off services.

Buddhist Funeral Packages

(Updated 2022)

No. of Days Descriptions Funeral Packages
3 Days Standard Buddhist Funeral Package S$ 5,500 nett
5 Days Standard Buddhist Funeral Package S$ 6,500 nett

For Customised Buddhist Funeral Packages and Services, You Can Give Us A Call +65 9871 8388. We Are Available 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week to Take Your Call.

Buddhist Casket & Embalming

  • Professional Embalming
  • Body Care (Cleaning, Dressing & Make Up)
  • Half Glass Wooden Casket (Available in 3 Color)

Professional Buddhist Funeral Services

  • Manpower & Transportation
  • Book Cremation Slot

Preparation of Buddhist Funeral Ceremony

  • Void Deck Enclosure X 1 Unit
  • Curtain & Carpet in Casket Area
  • Dignified Buddhist Funeral Decoration
  • Square Tables X 15 Units
  • Round Tables X 10 Units
  • Chairs X 100 Units
  • Air Cooler X 2 Units
  • Condolence Book & Safe Box

Photo Enlargement

  • 1 X Photo Enlargement 10” By 12”
  • 6 X Passport-Sized Photo

Buddhist Chanting Services

  • Encoffin
  • Final Night
  • Funeral Day

A Set of Vegetarian Food Offering Is Also Provided Per Chanting Service.

Floral Arrangement for Buddhist Funeral

  • Floral Photo Wreath (Standard Size 11” By 13”)
  • Altar & Buddhist Table Floral Arrangement

Buddhist Praying Items

  • Big & Small Joss Sticks
  • Lotus Blanket, Sutra Blanket & Pearl Set
  • Lotus Candle, Oil Lamp, Led Lamp, Red Pail
  • Paper Umbrella, Red Plates, Red Cloth, Morning Basin Set
  • Sandalwood, Incense Coil and Misc.

Buddhist Funeral Procession Service

  • Glass Hearse
  • Air Conditional 45 Seaters Bus (Return Trip)
  • Towel Souvenirs for Guest
  • Cleansing Flower Water

Mandai Cremation Fee

Cremated Ash Collection Services

Other Additional Items

(Not Inclusive in the Package)

  • 1 X Mobile Toilet Is Available At $80/Per Day, and 1 X Chiller Is Available At $50/Per Day
  • Food Catering, Drinks and Misc. Consumable Such as Peanuts, Melon Seeds, etc are billed on Consignment Basis
  • Additional or Upgrade Night Monk Chanting Sessions
  • Post Funeral Monk Chanting Sessions (placement of ashes, 7th/49th/100th days prayer sessions, etc.)
  • Incense Paper, Paper House Offering, Car etc
  • Photography & Videography Services

You May Wish to Speak to Our Funeral Director on The Additional Items mentioned above for our Buddhist Funeral Package and Services. Our Funeral Director will advise you accordingly based on your needs and requirement.

You Can Give Us A Call +65 9871 8388 to Find Out More. We Are Available 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week to Take Your Call.

Note: The Buddhist Funeral Package and Services Price Quoted Above Are for Funeral Wake Held at HDB Void Deck Only. For Buddhist Funeral Wakes Held at Private Housing/Outdoor Area the Price May Differ Due to Variations in The Setup of The Tentage, etc. Customers May Also Choose to Hold the Funeral Wake at Funeral Parlour. For Funeral Parlour, The Price May Differ Depending on The Location, The Size, etc. Renting of Parlour Is Subject to The Availability and The Rental Payment Will Be Billed Separately from The Package Price.

Payment Method

  • We Accept Cash, Cheque & Paynow.

Why Choose Funeral Services Singapore?

Experience and Caring Team, Funeral Services Singapore is available 24/7 to support the bereaved families with their funeral arrangements.

Affordable and Transparent in Pricing, Funeral Service Singapore has in-house team that handle everything. Thus, the price is affordable, and you only pay what you need. There is no hidden cost to worry.

Professional and Reputable Services, Funeral Services Singapore will take care of everything related to the funeral, down to details as small as the decorations used.

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