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Today we discuss about Funeral Trends 2021.

Death is the ultimate truth. No one can avoid it. Poor or rich, weak or strong, whoever you are, you have to accept the omnipotent death at the end of life. Then, there comes the funeral which is a social ceremony to show and share grief for your departure to eternal rest in between your loved ones.

Of-late, the traditional funeral ceremonies have changed drastically. Probably, there is a paradigm-shift observed in funeral industries or funeral wake techniques in recent years. And, funeral is not the funeral it was few years back. Therefore, funeral becomes now-a-days celebrations of life.

Now, in 2020 the world witnessed the Covid – 19 pandemic. And our lifestyle, job, thoughts effected by it heavily.  Social distancing, wearing masks, frequent sanitization of hands becomes the new normal. No-doubt, funeral also hardly affected by it. As, the Covid laws put restriction on mass gathering or ceremonies.

Basically, we will concentrate on various funeral wake ceremonies that are becoming popular anywhere in the world. As a result, today’s article on Funeral Trends 2021 that every funeral homes need to know.

21 Latest Funeral Trends 2021

21 Latest funeral trends in 2021 are as follows ,

  1. Keepsake Jewellery
  2. Hyper-Personalization
  3. Funeral Pre-Planning
  4. The Ecommerce Thing
  5. Celestis Memorial Space Flight
  6. Green Funeral
  7. Live Streaming of Funeral Wake
  8. Thematic Funeral
  9. Online Obituary/ Social Media
  10. Crowd funding and Donations
  11. Creative Funeral/ Alternative Funerals
  12. Cremation is on Rising than Burial
  13. Aquamation/ Alkaline Hydrolysis
  14. Promession
  15. Grief-Counseling Add-on
  16. Community Memorial Gardens
  17. Non-Traditional Resting Places
  18. Death Doula/ Midwife
  19. At-Home Funeral
  20. Funeral in the New-Normal
  21. Pet Funeral

Now, let us discuss each and every trends elaborately in the next phase of the article.

Keepsake Jewellery

A Keepsake Jewelry is a form of Jewelry in remembrance of your loved one who passes by. There are various types of keepsakes available in the market. And, the keepsakes became latest trend in celebrations of life. In various parts of the world, people today manufacturing keepsakes in the memory of their deceased loved one.

A keepsake Jewelry sometimes also called cremation Jewelry. A cremation Jewelry is unique remembrance of your loved one in a discrete and elegant manner. Often, these are made of exquisite materials and available in vibrant colors.

Funeral Trends 2021

One of these types is photo-engraved Jewelry. As the name suggest, it has the photos of your deceased closest engraved in it. Why one should hide the photos of their passed-by loved one in shelf when they can carry them with him/her.

Fingerprint Jewelry is made of stunning metals, and a finger print of the special one of our lives. It enables the gentle touch of the person that makes your life beautiful once and has to left for the heavenly abode.

Scattering ashes is very popular and widely acceptable. But, in 2021, often families making jewelry from the ashes after the cremation. As a result, keepsakes with the ashes of the deceased gains a new momentum. Thus, it is one of the most interesting funeral trends 2021.

In-addition, charm bracelets, necklace charms made from 14K white or rose gold, sterling silver is on the news. And, memorial diamonds which is kinda of synthetic gems manufactured in the lab with the ashes of the deceased is trending.

Learn more about Keepsake Jewelry.

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Hyper personalization of funeral services is the most popular trend among funeral trends 2021. Each person is unique in his/her own way. Understanding the complex mind-set of the human being is new secret of modern marketing. Then, why funeral homes should lag behind? Yep, psychological factors play an important role in business. It has becomes the major reason behind consumer satisfaction.

Funeral Trends 2021

It is our prime duty to pay homage when our loved one leaves us. Now, an event of funeral which is designed according to the choices or liking of our closest one is known as the personalized funeral. For example, playing music according to our loved one’s choice, wake setup backdrop color according to their liking etc.

To design a unique funeral according to the mind-set of the deceased person your funeral home must pay rapt attention his/her family members. It will be a very small effort to devise a funeral one-of-a-kind for a special person. Therefore, you have to note down each and every small aspect that your customer will share. By asking good questions, carefully listening to their stories and arranging a comprehensive briefings session with your customers is are the ways.

To conclude, if your funeral home wants to create memorial services that will last forever and reflect a special life and fulfill its purposes then hyper personalization is the only way.

Funeral Pre-Planning

Why one must pre-plan his/her own funeral much before his/her death? It is weird. Is not it? But, the answer is No. It is the Gen – Z funeral trends in 2021.

When you pro-actively plan your funeral beforehand, you get to choose and customize funeral packages for you. Thus, you will decide how you will be remembered by your family and closest people. And, you will plan how the funeral ceremonies will be planned with your own personal touch.

Now, the million dollar question lies here. How to pre-plan your funeral? The answer of the question may be as follows,

The first step is to document your plan about your funeral. If you keep your funeral pre-planning documented, it will be easier for your relatives to respect your last wish. The next phase of the process is to decide your invitees on this special occasion. Therefore, you have to prepare the list of the names of your relatives, friends, societies, club members, and associations.

The next step is to prepare the shopping list. For example, type, color, materials of casket, urns, the food items that to be served to the invitees. The final stage of advance funeral planning is to avail some financial plans like insurance to cover the unwanted expenses of your own funeral.

Designing and deciding about one’s own funeral can be a tedious task. As a result, your funeral homes must devise a simpler option/package to support the funeral pre-planning of the consumers. You can also read about our ultimate guide to advance funeral pre-planning,

The Ultimate Funeral Pre-Planning Checklist 2021.

Green Funeral

Green Funeral is the most accepted funeral trends 2021. What is a Green Funeral? A Green Funeral is environmental friendly funeral option. Therefore, it has lesser impact on environment. It enables sustainable development, preservation of biodiversity, and follows the carbon emission guidelines.  

Go Green Movement has gained momentum everywhere in the world. People become more conscious about environment. So, in most of the processes that can impact our mother earth hazardously are being avoided. Why funeral should remains out of the purview of the same? As a result, Eco-friendly funeral options are becoming popular.

Green Burial and Green Cremation are the two major types of a Green Funeral. In a Green funeral, the dead body generally not burned, not embalmed with chemicals and not buried in a concrete container. The body is buried with a biodegradable casket in a natural burial ground to decompose fully. Thus, Green Burial avoids the following,

  • Embalming with hazardous chemicals but Eco-friendly bio-oils may be used,
  • Concrete/ cement container, tombstone, or any graveyard installation/marker made of cement rather GPS location tracking can be used,
  • Clothing/wearing of the dead body with plastic or non-bio degradable materials,
  • Metal coffin but Green casket may be used,
  • Flowers in smaller quantity can be used but balloons, other decorative items at the graveside is strictly prohibited,
  • No heavy machine is used to dig the grave and the grave is prepared manually.

On the other hand, Green cremation is a process where a specialized flame-less technology is used to turn the body to ashes. Then, the ashes is collected in a biodegradable urn and scattered in the sea, in a garden or just remain with families at home.

Now, apart from saving the mother earth from pollution, the Green funeral has many other pros also. For example, it has spiritual significance; it is economical/ affordable; it has also positive psychological impact on the family members of the deceased as the greenery makes us calm. Finally, it is clear why green funeral is the best funeral trends 2021.

To Know More About Green Funeral.

The Ecommerce Thing

In 2020, retail e-commerce turnover worldwide measured to 4.28 trillion US dollars and ecommerce revenues are projected to touch 5.4 trillion US dollars in 2022. Ecommerce is in the Boom. You probably identify the reason behind this unexpected growth of ecommerce marketplace. Yep, it’s the outbreak of the pandemic, the Covid – 19.

Thus, it is Covid – 19 which put various restrictions on our mind-set, day-to-day work schedule, our movement and everything. That’s why, people are bind to purchase online to ensure minimal movement and social distancing norms. And, the world has seen the disruptive growth of commercial transactions over the wire.

Global Retail Ecommerce Growth
Source Courtesy: Statista

But, to clarify, funeral industries adopted the ecommerce thing much before the outbreak of the deadly virus. Funeral homes from USA, UK, and Singapore started implementing online shopping section in their websites from 2015. Why so? Because, they can sell several merchandise products related to funeral like urns, casket, clothing, ceremonial items. Thus, this adds extra verticals to their existing business.

Not only funeral related products, funeral homes already started selling funeral service packages and accepting payments through their websites. As a result, we may conclude ‘The Ecommerce Thing’ is one of the latest funeral trends 2021.

Celestis Memorial Space Flight

Probably, this is the most awkward funeral trends 2021. We will discuss the concept of space burial here. Space burial is not a well-known funeral trends or say option. Because, of its price and legal requirements. Celetis memorial space flight is offered by Celetis which is a company. It is nothing but a space burial service package.

Sky burial is a process of sending cremated remains to the space through a rocket. Therefore, this type of option is premium and meant for only celebrity or VIPs.

The Celestis Memorial Spacecraft can make your space dreams come true. It sends a symbolic piece of cremated remains or DNA into the outer- space, into the Earth orbit, the lunar surface, or even beyond. The same is achieved with a commercial or scientific satellite. This can be a very interesting funeral trends for someone who love science-fiction, marvels at space, or want to stay forever in the heart of cosmos.

There are no other better memorial services than the Celestis Memorial space flight. Each launch is a tribute to the deceased and attended by friends and family from all over the world. Celebrations of life events include a visit to the launch pad and chat with astronauts and space experts.  The family shares everyday stories and decide the plans for the subsequent day. When the timer counts down to zero and the take-off event occurs, a feeling of euphoria and satisfaction prevails among the attendees. Celetis provide an easy to track app to know the progress of the mission.

Live Streaming of Funeral Wake

Another funeral trends 2021 comes to the front due to Covid – 19 is live streaming of funeral wake ceremonies. This is due to the fact that Covid put forth some restrictions on our lives. Due to the pandemic, people unable to meet, gather, and travel for personal health concerns as well as others. Even after the restrictions removed, people still fear to go out. As a result, people prefer to attend a funeral through live video cast known as webcast.

We are very fortunate that, in this century various disruptive technologies allow us to be anywhere in the world anytime through the wire or the wireless. As result, friends, families and well wishers can attend the funeral of their loved on even staying almost 5000KM distant places or may be more than that. This funeral trend provide comfort to many in 2021.

In conclusion, we may say that Facebook Live, Google Meet, Zoom enable us to present virtually anywhere in the world. And, truly these disruptive innovations make the funeral virtual.

Thematic Funeral/ Themed Funeral

Funerals are mostly grim events where bereaved loved ones gather to pay tribute to those who have just passed away. Most people dress completely in black or white, and ceremonies are often religious in nature, with hymns and chanting from respective religious book. These are all considered elements of the traditional funeral.

But as we all know that, tradition is not for everyone. Nowadays, many people choose to avoid these traits of a conventional funeral for entirely different occasions. Themed funerals are now more popular than ever, because a new generation of people is coming to the funeral as celebrations of life, not a typical religious ceremony based on death. Thus, thematic funeral or themed funeral comes into the landscape of funeral trends 2021. And, often several Hollywood celebrities personalized their own funeral as a thematic one as their last wish.

A themed or thematic funeral is a more personalized event often chosen by the deceased to express them. Their theme can be a personal passion, a special achievement, a favorite color, or a popular place. For decades, football fans have demanded that those attending his funeral wear the colors of their favorite football team. We’ve seen Elvis-themed funerals, fairy-themed funerals, and even funerals that everyone came to wear in Halloween costumes.

Online Obituary and Social Media

The internet and social media brings a radical change how a funeral is planned and remembering a lost loved one becomes easier and more accessible. Thus, the online medium and the social media is one of the best funeral trends 2021. Obituaries were common to be published in the newspaper when newspaper was the only medium. But, with advancement of online medium now obituaries are placed in websites and shared through social media like Facebook, Instagram, and twitter. Even invitation for memorial services can be found on social media. People visit social media and websites and put their homage to the deceased there.

Crowd funding and Donations

Crowdfunding and donations both are separate events and becoming popular funeral trends 2021. Now, crowd funding is popular way of raise money through crowd funding websites, social media or offline to meet the funeral needs. Therefore, crowd funding helps poor people to have a dignified funeral. Crowd funding is immensely attractive funeral trend in 2021. No doubt funeral expenses are hardship to a many people but crowd funding is the opportunity for the community to come together and ease the monetary burden and celebrate the celebrations of life together.

On the other hand, donations or charity on the occasion of funeral is becoming popular among the riches. People often donate lump sum money to charity, old age home, and orphanage on the death of their loved ones. It is also one of the popular funeral trends 2021. Donations may be also taken place as the last wish of the deceased.

However, we have written that crowd funding is popular among the poor and donations popular among the rich.  It is not necessarily may happen. Crowd funding or donations represent the love and harmony among a community. It may not be related to the financial positions.

Creative Funeral/ Alternative Funerals

The word ‘Alternative’ means a distinctive difference from the mainstream or traditional rituals. Already, we have discussed about themed/ thematic funeral. However, alternative funeral may sounds similar but there is little difference. An alternative funeral may not be a thematic funeral but all themed funeral are alternative funeral. Thus, an alternative funeral is an alternative to mainstream religious funerals and the is the ‘Alternative Funeral Trends 2021’.

Thus, a funeral can be alternative in the following ways,

  • Invitees not wearing black,
  • Humanist funeral/ Non-religious funeral,
  • Not chanting hymns,
  • Displaying photos in unique way,
  • Direct cremation and no costly funeral wake,
  • Release of balloons, butterflies and dove,
  • Live musical band,
  • Games at funeral wake,
  • A fireworks display.

Cremation is on Rising than Burial

Let us first concentrate on the burial statistics in the USA from 2005 to 2040 as per Statista. It is clear that, burial is increasing over time in the USA.

Funeral Trends 2021

On the other hand, cremation is increasing in the USA. Let us check now the cremation statistics in the USA from 1975 to 2030 as per Statista.

Not only is USA, but the cremation is becoming popular and preferred than burial all over the world. Cremation is allowed in most of the religions. Cremation is simpler and easier than burial. Cremation is also an economical than burial. Thus, we may conclude that, preference of cremation over burial is one of the trendy funeral trends 2021.

Aquamation/ Alkaline Hydrolysis

Aquamation is an alternative to burial and cremation. Now, Aquamation is based on Alkaline Hydrolysis. It is a process of disposal of human and pet remains using lye and heat. In this process, the body is placed in a pressure vessel, then filled with a mixture of water and potassium hydroxide and heated to a temperature of about 160 ° C (320 ° F). But, at high pressure the body is not boiled. Rather, the body effectively breaks down into chemical components, which takes 4 to 6 hours. To prevent, damage to environment Aquamation is a popular funeral trends 2021.


Promession is a process of disposing human and pet remains using freeze dying technique. The concept of Promession is invented by Swedish biologist Susanne Wilgh-Masak. The word Promession has its root in the Italian word ‘promessa’ which means promise. The procedure of Promession is completed in the following five (5) steps,

  • The body is placed in the Promession chamber (Casket separation) ,
  • In the next phase, liquid nitrogen crystalizes the body – 196° C  (Cryogenic freezing),
  • The body is broken down to particles within few minutes (Vibration),
  • particles are freeze dried in a drying chamber, leaving approximately 30% of the original weight (Freeze dying),
  • Metals (such as tooth amalgam, artificial hips, and so on) are removed via magnetism or sifting (Metal separation).
  • The dry powder is placed in a biodegradable casket and deposited in the top layers of soil, where aerobic bacteria degrade the remains into humus in 6–12 months (Green Burial) .

However, the concept of Promession is questioned and not practiced from 2015. Thus, Promession cannot be considered as funeral trends 2021. However, when legal complex will be cleared then Promession can be a good trend in future.

Grief-Counseling Add-on

Grief counseling has become an add-on package to funeral service package much before. Most of the funeral homes provide online or offline grief-support package to their customers. Thus, it is also a funeral trends 2021 and on-wards. Death is the ultimate truth. But, when your loved one leaves you for the heavenly abode you may find yourself in utter despair. You may become confused, broken and brazen. In addition, you may find yourself not able to concentrate on your works. That’s why, funeral home now-a-days provide psychological sympathetic support or counseling services to overcome the grief of death of your beloved.

Community Memorial Gardens

The eerie and ghostly cemeteries are now-a-day a matter of the past. Most of the modern memorial gardens provide a beautiful landscape and luxury. Wi-Fi access, community hall for prayers, stunning cafeteria, lavish waiting-rooms or wash rooms becomes the trend. Thus, community memorial gardens are the newest funeral trends 2021.

Non-Traditional Resting Places

We have already seen burial is decreasing due to several factors. One of the factors may be lack of burial spaces. Thus, many people are now searching for an alternative option to in-ground burial. As a result, funeral homes now offer community mausoleums, columbarium (which holds many urns in its niches). Ash scattering at memorial gardens or sea burial after cremations are also good options. Thus, this is also a interesting funeral trends 2021.

Death Doula/ Death Midwife

The word “Doula” comes from the Greek word signifying “lady who serves”. However, a great many people connect it with somebody who helps during birth and introduce us to life. Lately, in any case, more individuals perceive the requirement for help at the end of life as much as the beginning. Thus, Death doula or death midwife comes into picture. They help a dying individual in his/her day-to-day life and also mentally support them. It is a part of the alleged Death Positivity Movement that is acquiring energy in the United States and different nations. The said movement is promoted by the undertaker and author Caitlin Doughty. Thus, death doula is one of the latest funeral trends 2021.

At-Home Funeral

At-home funeral is the process where the dead body not handed over to the funeral home rather remains at home. It has some legal bindings and need some prior permission from respective authority. However, at-home funeral is an immense funeral trends 2021. It is also very affordable alternative to traditional funeral.

Funeral in the New-Normal

The pandemic of the year 2020 Covid – 19 taught us a hard lesson. It effected the funeral industries very hard. The normal thing is the funeral in the new normal now. Thermometers, sanitizer become the part of funeral. People often find it hard to do a prestigious and dignified funeral due Covid norms and strict social distancing rule. But, people now get used to it. Thus, funeral in the new normal is sadly one of the funeral trends 2021.

Pet Funeral

Whether funeral is only for human? It is not necessary that your loved one always be a human (like your mom, dad, brothers, sisters, wife, close relatives or friends). It may be possible that your loved one is a pet dog or pet cat or something other animals. What will you do when day passes away? Yep, pet funerals slowly gaining majority in USA, UK and Singapore. Thus, pet funeral is yet another of the funeral trends 2021.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we may say we have thoroughly discussed the latest 21 funeral trends 2021 that you should aware of. And, funeral is not the funeral it was 10 years back. Truly, funeral has become a celebration, the celebrations of life.

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